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Burden of infertility
In Sub-Saharan Africa, about 11-20% of couples suffer from infertility.
Nigeria as at 2002 was estimated to have over 12million infertile couples and 69% of Gynaecological consultations in many tertiary hospitals are infertility related. Many infertile couples will achieve pregnancy spontaneously overtime or benefit from standard medical and surgical management, but up to 40% will require modern assisted reproductive technologies.
30years following the birth of Louise Brown, the 1st In-Vitro Fertilization(Test-tube) baby in Baurn Hall by Edward and Steptoe, the use of IVF and other forms of Assisted conception technologies has increased dramatically. Assisted conceptions are now routinely carried out in clinical practice. At present count worldwide over 500,000 babies have been born through Artificial Reproductive Therapies.


The 1st live birth following IVF in Nigeria was in 1989 by a team of experts led by professor Osato Giwa-Osagie. Since then only a few centres have acquired the capacity to provide a wide range of ART services.

DIFF Hospital was conceptualized to respond to the growing need and demand for fertility care in Abuja in a pragmatic and result oriented manner rested in the foundation of excellence and the fear of God.


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