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Paediatrics and Neonatal

Paediatrics and Neonatal

The Department of Paediatrics and Neonatal medicine in DIFF Hospital offers intensive care to sick and premature newborns either delivered in the hospital or referred from other hospitals within or outside the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).  The department has the capacity to take care of 16 -24 premature babies receiving intensive  care ranging from assisted neonatal ventilation with either Bubble-Continuous Positive pressure Ventilation (CPAP) or ventilator to care of other high risk neonates in our 32-bed Hospital. About half of these infants are premature; have been in utero for fewer than 32 weeks, 5 weeks less than what is considered necessary for full gestation. Some of them are as young as 26 weeks and weigh at less than a kilogram.

DIFF Hospital’s neonatal team is committed to providing the most effective and efficient care for our tiny patients, as well as providing parents with the emotional and practical support they need.  To this end, the department collaborates with Hope Children’s Hospital. Chicago, Illinois, USA  to ensure quality and safety of medical care for newborns and their families.
DIFF Hospital’s neonatal expertise expands beyond the Level III NICU. A specially equipped mobile clinic /ambulance  with state-of-the- art neonatal/paediatric assisted ventilation facilities and trained transport team that handles the transfer of the newborns requiring the Level III neonatal intensive care provided in DIFF Hospital within and outside the FCT.
Our bold vision for the future is that the Department of Paediatrics and Neonatal Medicine of DIFF Hospital stands among the top paediatric hospitals in the nation, with a reputation for providing superior care for sick and injured children; advanced education for child health providers; and innovation, information and influence in the field of children’s health care spurred by the desire to deliver excellent medical services.

The department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment like three Maquet neonatal/paediatric ventilators, eight Fisher and Paykel’s bubble CPAP, real time Phillip neonatal/paediatric monitors, portable monitors, infusion pumps, syringe drivers, oxygen concentrators, a steady supply of piped oxygen. There is also an excellent supply of a wide range of drugs that contributes immensely to the department’s very good track record of safe and quality service including surfactants, salt poor albumin besides a good laboratory backup that can prepare platelet concentrate on demand. The departmental staff enjoys regular training opportunities within and outside the country.

Today, the department is home to a team of 2 paediatric specialists and sub-specialists. This includes a neonatologist, nurses, technicians and others who are dedicated 100% to the needs of children. The current staff strength is 24.


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