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List Of Services


Anaesthsia General medicine Obstetrics Pathology
Epidural anaesthesia General consultation Private Maternity Service Biochemistry
Spinal anaesthesia Sexual medicine Optometry Histopathology
General anaesthesia General surgery Cataract surgery assessment Microbiology
Pain relief after surgery Abscess incision and drainage Low vision aids Physiotherapy
Local anaesthesia Appendicectomy Ophthalmic diagnostic testing Hydrotherapy
Antenatal care Cholecystectomy, laparoscopic Ptosis management Pain management physiotherapy
Early pregnancy and dating scan (6-10 weeks) Elective splenectomy Refraction and low vision assessment Pelvic floor physiotherapy
Nuchal translucency scan (11-13 weeks) Epigastric hernia repair Orthopaedic surgery – lower limb Physiotherapy
Sex Typing Scan (20 weeks) Femoral hernia repair ACL reconstruction surgery (visiting consultant) Pilates
Foetal Anatomy/Anomaly scan (20-24 weeks) Hernia repair (TAPP), laparoscopic Ankle replacement surgery Rehabilitation service
3D/4D scan (24-30 weeks) Hernia repair (TEP), laparoscopic Ankle surgery and ankle arthroscopy Respiratory physiotherapy
8- Growth scan (30-34 weeks) Hernia repair, inguinal (open) Cartilage operation Sports injuries
Breast Surgery Hernia repair, paraumbilical and umbilical Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) Plastic Surgery
Breast cancer (condition) Laparoscopic bile duct exploration Foot orthotics – knee orthotics – back orthotics Breast reconstruction with latissimus dorsi flap
Excision biopsy of a breast lump Laparoscopic incisional hernia Foot surgery for toe problems Psychiatry/Psychology
Cardiology Open incisional hernia repair Hip arthroscopy Cognitive behaviour therapy
Ambulatory ECG Pre-admission clinic Hip debridement surgery Dementia
Ambulatory blood pressure recording Removing benign skin lesion Hip injection treatment Psychosexual therapy
Blood pressure test Sports hernia repair Hip replacement surgery Psychotherapy
Cardiac stress testing Geriatric medicine Hip resurfacing Rheumatology
ECG Geriatric consultation Hip revision Arthritis treatment
ECG recorder Gynaecology Knee arthroscopy – keyhole surgery SpineCare – Back Pain Treatment
Pleural biopsy and drainage Anterior Colporrhaphy Knee replacement surgery Back pain assessment
Colorectal surgery Cone Biopsy Osteotomy surgery Trauma surgery
Abdominal surgery for Crohn’s Disease Cervical cerclage Partial knee replacement surgery Open reduction internal fixation (ORIF)
Anal fistula surgery Colposcopy Revision knee replacement Travel health clinic
Colonoscopy Diagnostic laparoscopy and dye test Total knee replacement, Signature System HPV vaccination
Colostomy, closure of loop Endometrial ablation Orthopaedic surgery – upper limb Travel vaccinations
Haemorrhoidectomy Hysteroscopy Arthroscopic shoulder arthroplasty Urology
Ileostomy, closure of loop Laparoscopic sterilisation Arthroscopy shoulder treatment Circumcision (adult)
Sigmoid colectomy for diverticular disease Laparoscopy Carpal tunnel syndrome treatment Cystoscopy (flexible)
Sigmoidoscopy Myomectomy Elbow arthroscopy Cystoscopy (rigid)
Sphincterotomy, lateral internal Polypectomy Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy (ESWT) High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU)
Stapled Haemorrhoidectomy Total Abdominal Hysterectomy + Bilateral Salpingo oophorectomy Finger arthritis treatment Incontinence clinic
Complementary therapies Tubal Surgery Ganglion removal treatment Male sling
Homeopathy Vaginal Hysterectomy Rotator cuff surgery Operations for Peyronie’s Disease
Hydrotherapy Vesico Vaginal Fistula Repair Paediatrics Operations for stone disease
Nutritional therapy Ovarian Cystectomy Adenoidectomy (child) Painful bladder syndrome
Dermatology Haematology Appendicectomy (child) Prostate mapping
Dermatology Blood testing Circumcision (child) Prostatectomy
Laser hair removal Blood transfusions Correcting a squint (child) Saturation biopsies of the prostate
Dietetics Haemato-oncology Developmental paediatrics Surgery for benign scrotal lumps
Dietary consultation Health Check – Health Assessments General paediatrics TURBT
ENT Health assessments – Advanced Hernia repair, inguinal (child) TURP
ENT surgery Health assessments – Advanced Plus Hernia repair, umbilical (child) Ureteroscopy (rigid & flexible)
Emergency care Health assessments – Essentials Hydrocele repair (child) Urethrotomy
Walk in self-pay service Health assessments – Select Orchidopexy for a palpable testicle (child) Urinary incontinence
Endocrinology Hepatology Tonsillectomy (child) Vasectomy (bilateral)
Diabetes treatments Abnormal Liver Function tests (LFTs) Pain management medicine Vasectomy reversal
Fertility Abnormal liver imaging Pain Management Weight Loss Therapy
In-vitro Fertilisation + Embryo Transfer Alcoholic liver disease GP Service Gastroesophageal reflux surgery – anti-reflux surgery
Intra Uterine Cytoplasmic Insemination (IUCI) Viral hepatitis B GP service (private) Primary obesity surgery endoluminal (POSE)
Testicular sperm aspiration Viral hepatitis C Gastroenterology The abiliti system
Micro epididymal sperm aspiration Imaging and Radiology Bowel cancer screening Women’s Health
Ovulation Induction – Clomifene Citrate/ Gonotrophins Barium enema Gynaecology Consultation
Embryo Freezing CT scanning
Sperm Bank Liver biopsy
Egg Bank Lung biopsy


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